Strategic Advisor

Servansingh Tahen Kumar

Mr. Tahen is currently serving as special adviser to the Chairman and the CEO of Mauvilac & Co Ltd. As senior adviser to the Vice Prime Minister and Minister of Finance of the past, he has acquired considerable experience in the formulation and implementation of national economic policies, capacity building, national economic empowerment programme and corporate social responsibility framework. Previously, he was the Chairman of the State Insurance Company of Mauritius group wherein he has contributed in strategic planning initiatives, the articulation of corporate policies, dealing with trade-offs on difficult issues, and ensuring that set objectives are achieved.

Mr. Tahen holds a BSc in Physics and a teacher’s diploma for which he worked as education officer for several years. He was also appointed to serve on several boards and committees such as the State Investment Corporation, The Gambling Regulatory Authority and the CSR Committee. He is a fellow and board director of the Mauritius Institute of Directors.