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Establishing a Fund

Lawyers, tax advisors, accountants, registrars, auditors… setting up a new company or subsidiary demands a whole raft of specialist assistance and advice. If you’re looking for an efficient setup of a corporate entity to conduct your international business, we provide assistance with formation and implementation services by working with you and your advisors.

GFin provides a full range of services covering the setup and administration of various forms funds with the assistance of our advisors in law, accounting, operations, investment management, finance and tax. From structuring and formation to administration and governance, our professionals have the support, enthusiasm, and technical knowledge you require to help you structure and manage the type of fund that best meets your needs.

Working together to drive your business forward

Unless otherwise requested by our clients, we try our best to keep the same team throughout the life cycle of a fund and the group structures.

This stability of staffing means that there is an unparalleled level of knowledge and understanding of your entities. Providing much needed continuity and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ve delegated your tasks to an experienced, trustworthy global partner who’s committed to the long term.

Personal & Tailored Approach

We pride ourselves in our flexibility and on creating innovative client solutions. Thinking laterally about your needs, not just offering you a “one size fits all” approach.

Our team gets to know you and your needs and you will get to know them. Anticipating any hurdles often raised by regulators and solving them through our support, input and assistance. It’s a level of integrated teamwork much sought after by our clients.

Fund Services

  • We provide cost-effective accounting and financial reporting solutions to funds, special purpose vehicles (SPVs), holding companies and corporate entities.
  • ­We understand and appreciate that smaller parties also require support to help them with their investment structures.
  • ­We are happy to provide close and personal attention to all our clients, regardless of size.

Services throughout the Fund life cycle

  • ­Provision of initial guidance on structuring, formation and maintenance
  • Assistance with choice of law firms, auditors and other professionals
  • Liaison with lawyers to prepare and review the prospectus and other fund documentation
  • Coordination of launch with lawyers, investment managers, auditors and custodians
  • Collection of Know Your Client (KYC) information for regulatory and internal control procedures purposes
  • Due diligence

Fiduciary Services

The most critical component of any successful business relationship is a highly qualified and committed team of professionals who thoroughly understand your business and can translate that knowledge into value for you. Our team is equipped to assist you with any director or trustee requirements.

  • ­We provide director, trustee and administrative services that support the operational, regulatory and governance requirements of investment funds, special purpose vehicles, holding companies and investment trusts.
  • We support you with the provision of directors for funds, general partners, private equity funds, SPVs and holding companies. All with significant backgrounds in various fields such as finance, investment, legal and accounting.
  • Some of our directors can serve on companies in other jurisdictions where they are not resident if that jurisdiction does not have residency requirements.
  • ­Fund registered office
  • Fund administration
  • Registrar and transfer agency services
  • Trust structures, if required


GFin has the experience and expertise you need to create and manage your investment fund, with specialist fund services professionals.

Our fund administration teams are equipped to provide a full range of services covering the setup and administration of funds, from design to formation and day-to-day administration. Through our network, we aim to keep a keen and constant eye on taxation and regulatory changes in key jurisdictions we work with.

One of our key strengths is the quality of our people and their ability to work efficiently alongside your team and transaction advisors. We understand the fiduciary obligations of the funds we serve, and look to add significant value, and to provide investor comfort with minimal disruption to the fund operations.

We provide administration services to Fund Companies across a diverse range of investments in most mainstream structures and strategies, namely hedge funds, funds of funds, private equity funds, unit trusts, series trusts, limited partnerships, umbrella funds, sub funds, master/feeders, segregated portfolio companies – we’ll help you create and manage the type of fund that best meets your needs.

Accounting & Reporting

GFin provides accounting services to funds, SPVs, holding companies and corporate entities. We offer full bank account and cash management services, take care of all bookkeeping and statutory accounting requirements, and provide full support and assistance with the audit of financial statements. We provide cost-effective accounting and financial reporting solutions for all clients, including:

  • ­Fund accounting, bookkeeping, financial reporting and consolidation, including NAV calculations
  • Investor reporting
  • Preparation of US GAAP/IFRS financial statements and consolidation
  • Audit assistance, including IFRS reporting
  • Fund bank account management and payment services
  • Performance fee calculations
  • ­Proxy service for investors in funds

Depository Services

The principal duty of the depository is to help identify non-market risks and alert investors and regulators to non-compliant transactions with adverse investor impact. We achieve this through cash flow monitoring, asset verification and safekeeping, along with various monitoring, checking and oversight tasks.

Our principle duties are:

  • Ensuring qualifying cash accounts, reconciliation of payments, regular checks for unusual transactions
  • Ownership verification and record keeping of investments
  • Oversight:
  • Subscriptions and redemptions (monitoring of procedures)
  • ­Valuation: Verifying appropriateness of asset valuation and NAV calculation
  • Compliance with law and fund documents (e.g. investment restrictions)
  • Timely receipt of payments and settlement of transactions
  • Accuracy of distributions

Regulatory Filings

To meet the ever-changing government and regulatory developments, we ensure you understand the implications of these on your business.

We help you meet requirements such as the preparation of financial statements, annual returns and other regulatory filings.


Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) is a United States federal law that requires United States persons, including individuals who live outside the United States, to report their financial accounts held outside of the U.S. and also requires foreign financial institutions to report certain information about their U.S. account holders.

Our FATCA services include:

  • ­Registration of Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) on the IRS web portal
  • Annual administration of the IRS FATCA Account, including updates and FATCA communications
  • Assist with or review on-boarding and ongoing procedures to ensure FATCA compliance
  • Depending on your structure, we could include a FATCA compliance framework, due diligence exercises or reporting
  • Assist on preparation and filing of all necessary forms (W-8BEN-E, self-certifications, etc.)
  • Maintenance of ongoing due diligence to identify US Persons and renewals

Compliance & Risk Mitigation Services

The integrated Compliance Team at GFin comprises of a blend of experienced professionals whose responsibility includes without limitation the following:

  • ­Timely compliance reviews, checks and issue of compliance reports
  • Legal research and updates for the purpose of being coherent with the latest international standards and best practices, in terms of administration and regulation
  • Keeping abreast of and ensuring compliance with domestic regulations, codes and guidelines
  • Risk assessment and internal investigation
  • Advice on AML systems, issues and reporting
  • Regulatory assurance, including reviews and remediation projects
  • ­Development and enhancement of policies and procedures
  • ­Conducting due diligence
  • Internal systems to prevent money laundering, report suspicious transactions and appoint a Money Laundering Reporting Officer
  • ­Application of appropriate Customer Due Diligence measures including identifying and verifying the identity of the client when establishing a business relationship
  • ­Implementation of effective on-going Customer Due Diligence measures and risk profiling procedures
  • On-going AML/CFT training
  • Maintenance of effective record keeping systems

The Compliance Team ensures that all the internal operations are compliant with the provisions under the guidelines on anti-money laundering, issued by the relevant regulatory authorities. Focus is on a proper client acceptance policy and an efficient record keeping of the entire required customer due diligence documents.

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Founded in 2010 and licensed by the FSC Mauritius, GFin Corporate Services Ltd., a Mauritius management company, provides legal, tax, fiduciary, investment and fund administration services to private, corporate and institutional clients. We provide administration, corporate secretarial, accounting and management services to Mauritius-formed entities.

We deliver tailor-made solutions to our privileged clients whether they are an entrepreneur or an established international group.

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