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Private Wealth

Our fiduciary and administration services aim to protect and enhance your wealth. Not only for the immediate, but for your future generations. We give you the services required to support your entrepreneurial, personal, family, commercial and charitable interests.

We’re not working for you, but with you, with a professional, friendly and responsive team committed to the long term. Lasting peace of mind comes from knowing that you’ve put your private wealth structure in expert, friendly, professional, trustworthy hands.

Structuring and Administration

Our private client services offering include fund and trust formation services for clients, such as international entrepreneurial families and high net worth individuals. We also provide management services to assist our private clients in the management of their assets and in their estate planning.

Our structuring and administration services for such clients include structuring, management and administration of trusts, foundations and other vehicles that assist our clients with respect to asset management, asset preservation, estate planning and succession planning.

We also selectively offer our services to assist in the administration of personal pensions and offer family office services. We assist our private clients with their accounting, financial reporting and consolidation obligations.

Categories of Services Specialities

Private and Corporate Trusts

A trust, also referred to as a settlement, is an arrangement whereby legal ownership of property is controlled by one party, known as the trustees, to use or apply that property and the income from it, for another person or persons, known as the beneficiaries or for a specific purpose. While the trustees own legal title of the trust assets, they can take no beneficial interest from those assets or make profits out of those assets for themselves. Also, trust assets are not open to attack by the personal creditors of the trustees.

Purpose Trusts and Special Purpose Vehicles

Purpose trusts and special purpose vehicles are developed to provide specific solutions to jurisdictional or financial needs. They are designed for the benefit of an identifiable group of beneficiaries. The trust or special purpose vehicle enables an effective entity to be created in situations where other structures would not meet the requirement of the beneficiaries or the wishes of the settlor or beneficial owner.

Charitable Trusts or Foundations

Charitable trusts or foundations are set up by anyone who has decided that they want to set aside some of their assets for charitable causes. Setting up a charitable trust or foundation provides a framework for planning charitable giving in a systematic and thoughtful way. It may also give the settlor a greater say in how the money he/she gives is directed to the causes they want to support.


Foundations have similarities to a company in that they have separate legal personality and a management board known as the council. A foundation may also be compared to a trust, as assets are held for the benefit of others or for a specific purpose. The Introduction of Foundations further reinforces Mauritius as a platform for wealth management, succession and estate planning. With its concept of legal personality, a Foundation is viewed as a combination of a Trust with certain characteristics of a regular company.

Basically, a foundation is established by a Founder who donates assets with which to achieve the objects of the foundation. The objects can be both charitable and non-charitable, or both simultaneously, and can be either for the benefit of persons or class of persons or to carry out a specified purpose. The Founder’s intentions for the Foundation are set out in a charter to determine how the assets are to be dealt with, for what purpose or for whose benefit, although such objectives can be less specific provided the mechanism by which such decisions are to be made is clearly defined. Foundations are usually used for asset protection, inheritance planning, wealth management, charitable purposes and general asset holding purposes.


A Limited Partnership is a blend of partnership with a private limited company. It gives owners the flexibility of operating as a partnership while having a separate legal identity.

Employee Benefit Trusts

An employee benefit trust is an arrangement for providing share or other incentives to employees. It can be used to retain, recruit and motivate employees, to aid succession planning and to create a market in a company’s shares. It can be tailored to meet specific corporate requirements whether in a single jurisdiction or worldwide.

Family Office

The term “Family Office” is widely used by trust companies, law firms and investment managers to describe aspects of their services. For GFin, family office services refer to the provision of an international, multi-generational family’s central mind, management and control through a combination of proactive administration and strategic oversight. The family office becomes a hub that coordinates a family’s cross-border interests and helps it maintain its wealth for the long term.

About Us

Founded in 2010 and licensed by the FSC Mauritius, GFin Corporate Services Ltd., a Mauritius management company, provides legal, tax, fiduciary, investment and fund administration services to private, corporate and institutional clients. We provide administration, corporate secretarial, accounting and management services to Mauritius-formed entities.

We deliver tailor-made solutions to our privileged clients whether they are an entrepreneur or an established international group.

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